About Us

CPS Mission – To provide a unifying voice for pediatric health care providers in the Greater Cincinnati area

CPS Aims

The society seeks to improve the practice climate for pediatric health care providers an advance the well being of children in the Greater Cincinnati area through expanded access to care, effective advocacy and education, and rigorous research endeavors.

CPS Statement on Racism, Diversity and Inclusion

CPS Objectives

The Cincinnati Pediatric Society seeks to fulfill its mission and aims by:

  • Facilitating collegial interactions through regular social events and recognition of pediatric health care providers who have made significant contributions in improving child health care in the Greater Cincinnati area
  • Maintaining an active role in the provision of continuing medical education for pediatric health care providers and colleagues in training and allied disciplines
  • Serving as the local representation of the Ohio Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics

Current Board for 2023

President, Erica Walters, MD

Past President, Nicole Lacasse, MD, MPH

Treasurer, Sarah Lawler, MD

  • Abigail Stein, MD
  • Lisa Fioretti, MD
  • Camille Graham, MD, FAAP
  • Scott Callahan, MD, FAAP
  • Charles Deitschel, MD, FAAP
  • Chris Peltier, MD, FAAP
  • Robert Ingberg, MD, Emeritus Professor of Clinical Pediatrics
  • Phil Lichtenstein, MD, FAAP