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Awarded annually at the Spring Awards dinner to the person who has given distinguished service in the advancement of the child care in the Greater Cincinnati pediatric community

Prior Winners

1975 Alice Wilmink, RN
1976 Josef Warkany, MD
1977 Carl Weihl, MD
1978 Benjamin Hoyer, MD
1979 Edward Pratt, MD
1980 Clark West, MD
1981 Nicholas Katona, MD
1982 Louise Rauh, MD
1983 Andrew Weiss, MD
1984 Claire Ritershofer, MD
1985 Joseph Ghory, MD
1986 Jules Klein, MD
1987 Gail Englander, MD
1988 Fred Stine, MD
1989 William DeVaux, MD
1990 William Gerhardt, MD
1991 Frank Kellogg, MD
1992 Rosemary Schmidt, MD
1993 Mark Dine, MD
1994 Sonya Oppenheimer, MD
1995 Paul McEnery, MD
1996 Harold Fogelson, MD
1997 James Englert, MD
1998 Ellen Buerk, MD
1999 Thomas Forristal, MD
2000 Ronald Lubbe, MD
2001 K. Kurt Bofinger, MD
2002 Omer Berger, MD
2003 Charles Deitschel, Jr. MD
2004 Robert Gregory, MD
2005 James Steiner, DDS
2006 Ronald Drasnin, MD
2007 Ronald Levin, MD
2008 Emanuel Doyne, MD
2009 Richard Heyman, MD
2010 Joan Linhardt, MD
2011 David Van Ginkel, MD and Judith B. Van Ginkel PhD
2012 Mark McGovern, MD
2013 Camille C. Graham, MD
2014 Ann Saluke, MD
2015 Chris Bolling, MD
2016 Marilyn Crumpton, MD
2017 Philip Lichtenstein, MD
2018 Ernie Ciambarella, MD
2019 James Davis, MD
2020 None due to COVID pandemic
2021 none due to COVID pandemic
2022 Christopher Cunha, MD
2023 Christopher Peltier, MD, FAAP

Awarded annually at the Spring Awards dinner to honor the achievement and commitment of a community pediatrician who has excelled in teaching residents and students in their office as voted by the residency house staff

Honors the legacy of Dr. Emanuel Doyne, a beloved and community physician at Mt. Carmel Pediatrics and resident/med student teacher, well known for his weekly questions at Pediatric Grand Rounds

Prior Winners

1994-5 Steve Muething, M.D.
1995-6 Christopher Bolling, M.D.
1996-97 Mark McGovern, M.D.
1997-98 Ann Saluke, M.D.
1998-99 Camille Graham, M.D.
1999-2000 Robert Siegel, M.D.
2000-01 Philip Lichtenstein, M.D.
2001-02 Andew Zupan, M.D.
2002-03 Lynn Peters, D.O.
2003-04 Pierre Manfroy, M.D.
2004-05 Teresa Esterle, M.D.
2005-06 Joseph Leanza, M.D.
2006-07 Christopher Peltier, M.D.
2007-08 Marc Richardson, M.D.
2008-09 Donald Nofzinger, M.D.
2009-10 Joel Singerman, M.D. not yet on plaque
2010-11 Jaysari Sekar, M.D. not yet on plaque
2011-2012 Roger Herman, MD
2012-13 Jim Davis and Ellen Buerk
2013-14 Parul Bawa
2014-15 Nicole S. George, MD.
2015-16 Rebecca Long, MD
2016-17 Kristen (Habel) Dinkelaker, MD
2017-18 Cali Matheny, MD
2019-20 none due to COVID pandemic
2020-2021 none due to COVID pandemic
2021-2022 Tasha Faruqui, DO
2023 Courtney Larke, MD

Years are as recorded on the plaque in phys lounge

Awarded annually at the Spring Awards dinner to honor an exceptional CCHMC second year resident as voted on by the Chief Residents and House Staff leadership

Prior Winners

1983 Gail Croall, M.D.
1984 Gary Weissenberger, MD
1985 Deborah Borchers, MD
1986 Lynn Croteau, MD and Stephen Muething, MD
1987 Christopher Cunha, MD
1988 Jean Beischel, MD
1989 Christopher Bolling, MD
1990 James Bien, MD
1991 Marjorie Haas, MD and Rosha McCoy, MD
1992 Jonathan Mumma, MD
1993 Elena Duma, MD
1994 Libby Spiess, MD
1995 Jordan Hsu, MD
1996 Yolanda Spraggius, MD
1997 Meri Reinhart, MD
1998 Jean Spence, MD
1999 Sharon D’Souza, MD
2000 Malini Gillen, MD
2001 Allen Coffman, Jr., MD
2002 Helen Kranbuhl, MD
2003 Dominick DeBlasio, MD
2004 Sharlene Matthieu, MD
2005 David Sunnenberg, MD
2006 Andrew Chu, MD
2007 Laura Howell, MD
2008 Karin Gray, MD
2009 Lauren Cantor, MD
2010 Lisa Ayoub, MD
2011 Michael Johnson, MD
2012 Adam Zeigler, DO
2013 Zach Berrens, MD
2014 F. Joseph Real, MD
2015 Joseph Kohne, MD
2016 Landon Krantz, MD and Elizabeth Daniels, DO
2017 Margot Lazow, MD
2018 Duncan Keegan, MD
2019 Breann Butts, MD
2020 Erin McCann, MD, MPH
2021 Elizabeth Ireson, MD
2022 Jessica Trygier, MD
2023 Priya Singh, MD

Awarded annually at the Fall Awards dinner to honor a member of the medical profession who has accomplished exemplary results in basic or clinical research and demonstrated distinguished contributions to the health and welfare of the children of our community

Prior Winners

1986 Helen Berry
1987 Samuel Kaplan, MD
1988 Lester W. Martin, MD
1989 Jack H. Rubinstein, MD
1990 George Benzing, MD
1991 Beatrice C. Lampkin, MD
1992 Peter St. J. Dignan, MD
1993 William K. Schubert, MD
1994 Reginald C. Tsang, MD
1995 David C. Schwartz, MD
1996 Jennifer M.H. Loggie, MD
1997 Joseph L. Rauh, MD
1998 Jeffrey A. Whitsett, MD
1999 William F. Balistreri, MD
2000 Paul H. Perstein, MD
2001 Irwin J. Light, MD
2002 Gilbert M. Schiff, MD
2003 Richard A. Meyer, MD
2004 Alvin H. Crawford, MD
2005 Thomas F. Boat, MD
2006 Michael K Farrell MD
2007 Janet L. Strife, MD and C. Frederic Strife, MD
2008 Christine L. McHenry MD, MATS
2009 Richard M. Ruddy, MD
2010 James E. Heubi, MD
2011 Ralph A. Gruppo, MD
2012 Uma R. Kotagal, MBBS, MSc
2013 Thomas G. DeWitt, MD
2014 Beverly L. Connelly, MD
2015 Francis M. Biro, MD
2016 Charles Schubert, MD
2017 Dr. Robin Cotton, MD
2018 Norbert J. Weidner, MD
2019 Victor Garcia, MD
2020 none due to COVID pandemic
2021 Patricia Manning-Courtney, MD
2022 Stephen Muething, MD
2023 Robert Frenck, Jr, MD

Awarded annually at the Fall Awards dinner to honor a hospital employed pediatrician who has excelled in teaching in the outpatient setting

Honors the legacy of Dr. Raymond Baker, beloved clinician and teacher in the PPC clinic from 1980 – 2010

Prior Winners

2010 Melissa D. Klein, M.D.
2011 Nick DeBlasio, MD
2012 Mary Beth Pero, MD
2013 Jill Klein, MD
2014 Katie Kerrey, MD
2015 Greg Szumlas, MD
2016 F. Joe Real, MD
2017 Mary Carol Burkhardt, MD
2018 Jessica Walters, MD
2019 Emily Cooperstein, MD
2020 None due to COVID pandemic
2021 Tasha Johnson, MD
2022 Esineya Chigaga, MD
2023 Landon Krantz, MD

Awarded annually at the Fall Awards dinner to honor a CCHMC third year pediatric resident who has shown a dedication to the care of the underserved

Honors the legacy of Dr. Robert Schaengold, a beloved clinician in the Hopple Street Clinic from 2007-2014

Prior Winners

2015 Colin Orr, MD
2016 Landon Krantz, MD
2017 Tasha Johnson, MD
2018 Michelle Phan, MD
2019 Margaret Jones, MD
2020 none due to COVID pandemic
2021 Elizabeth Ireson, MD
2022 Jessica Trygier, MD
2023 Siage Camara, MD