In 1932, approximately two years after the formation of the American Academy of Pediatrics, seven local pediatricians founded the Cincinnati Pediatric Society where they met to discuss the common problems that they were facing. Annual dues for members were $1.50 at that time.

Over the years, members became advocates for many local issues in the community and began to recognize it’s own members for their work and dedication.

1937: Took the lead in controlling the typhoid epidemic that arose during the great Flood of 1937 in Cincinnati

1946: Helped assess health conditions and recommended treatment for pre-kindergarten children with a program called “Kindergarten Round-Up”

1968: Provided pediatricians for disadvantaged preschool children through the Head Start program

1973: Initiated a campaign to promote fluoridation of local water supply

1975: CPS Community Pediatrician Recognition Award was established

1977: Lyon Lecture is established as annual CPS sponsored pediatric Grand Rounds

1978: Supported the Cincinnati Child Health Plan which looked at immunization completions and perinatal care

1979: Sponsored the Children’s Health Fair entitled “Year of the Child” where 15,000 attendees took part in programs at the Cincinnati Zoo that included: “Smoking Sam” and the dangers of tobacco, hearing tests, Heimlich maneuver demonstrations and automobile restraining device demonstrations

1980: Promoted Ohio legislation to mandate automobile restraint devices and car seats for children under 4 years and 40 pounds

1983: Outstanding Second Year Resident Award was established

1986: CPS Founder’s Award was established

1995: Mead Johnson Teaching Award was established, later to be renamed the Emanuel Doyne Teaching Award in 2008

2010: Raymond Baker Teaching Award was established

2014: Co-sponsored the Children’s Home Mental Health symposium and worked with the Ohio AAP to expand Medicaid reimbursement

2015: Robert Schaengold Award was established

2016: Worked with local community members to promote gun safety and to recommend pre-participation sports physicals take place in the medical home